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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Learning to adapt to changing times

I had expected to see a bit more of the airport, this time around. We had a longer transfer of 5 hours as opposed to the last one of 3.

What I didn’t expect to see was the cities of Dubai and Sharjah.

But then you have to expect some changes in your schedule when airlines and countries are still trying to understand covid-19 restrictions and regulations as we attempt to return to pre-pandemic life.

Nice flight from Heathrow, plenty of legroom, and not bad food Emirates has a lot going for them. However, their understanding or rather misunderstanding of what is required by each country is still out for debate.

Regardless, the outcome meant I was stranded in an airport hotel ( paid for by Emirates) for 3 days. So I got to experience something new.

Lack of a sim card, restriction to wifi, and no map, I managed as ever to bumble my way around a city for the first time.

Seeing things you don’t normally see, missing the obvious attractions everyone wants to see.

Walking around and across places, you either shouldn’t or where locals question why would you?

All the time gaining valuable lessons that will endear me to the culture and country and certainly make me want to visit again and again.

One thing I will say is that they love to do everything bigger and better than anywhere else.

I drove past the largest picture frame I have ever seen, in the middle of the city.

To sum it all up?

I got to see the Burj Khalifa at night and the incredible water and light show they perform every 30 minutes to the score from the Magnificent Seven.

I visited the largest aquarium in the world and was impressed by the size but I felt Singapore and Malaysia do it better.

I was lost in the Dubai Mall, (then, I do get lost in every mall I visit in Asia) you see, they all look the same.

Everywhere I went from servers to kitchen staff to the guy in charge of the aquarium, I find hard-working Filipinos delivering the best service possible and always with a smile.