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Exit from Brexit

I chose to leave even though I wanted to remain… That is I wanted to stay in Europe and yet when the result came in and we started to realise that there was no turning back, I became determined to leave the UK and find some other place to live.

It seemed easy at the time, but as the year went on, many things started to leave me feeling like it was a bad idea. Leaving the UK without a plan meant I was either crazy or I had a lot more hope and confidence than anyone thought.

Flying without Wings

A bit like getting on a plane without any wings!

Or even as a country leaving Europe without any clue as to what we were going to do🙄

Destination Unknown

When I look back on the year from now as it is December 2019 it feels like a distant memory.

Also feels like the right decision.

I wish I knew then what I know now, but then it wouldn’t be the same I guess. So having the chance and options to try it again after learning more about myself is a blessing.

What I want out of life and how life changes you is something I am still learning.

I just hope I can understand more, learn more, and progress in a positive way each year forward.