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March 7th

Almost to the day, I finally can get back onto a plane again and fly to where I like to call home.

Asia, or more to the point southeast Asia. Home to some of the friendliest people I have ever met. I guess that is why I call it home. From my Cambodian sister Kunthea to friends from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and beyond.

To the many fellow travelers that have like me, settled down and forgot the struggles of the west and accepted the beauty of the east.

The first stop will be Singapore to see a friend who has been kind enough to look after one of the bags I left there over 2 years ago.

How do we see time?

Covid has done funny things to confuse your mind about time.

It clearly doesn’t feel like 2 years have gone by since I last visited Singapore, but this coming week I will get to see what has changed in those two years.

I wonder how many local small food places have had to close due to the pandemic?

After that, I planned a holiday in the Philippines for a month so I can acclimatize myself to the heat and food again.

Then back to Cambodia and return to see old friends.

Promising to be a happier year than the last two.

Let us hope my update at the end of the year bears some truth to that statement.


Set around the most beautiful countryside I have seen in South East Asia.

This town has fast become something of a tourist trap. I believe a few years ago this was a brilliant place to visit and use as a starting point to explore the surrounding landscape.

Now it has become more of a construction site with vast hotels springing up across the town.

I think in a few years life will change too much and it will be a booming tourist spot but will it still be attractive?

However the good news is apart from maybe one night when you arrive, the town doesn’t need to be your base for the duration of your time.

So use the time wisely, go trekking, visit a homestay and live in a real tribal village or climb a mountain!