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Traditional served Thai food

Muang Thong Thani

 Here Food is traditional Thai dishes served simply

Located in the province of Nonthaburi to the North of Thailand’s capital Bangkok has been my base for a while

Very much a Thai culture with not many Farang or westerners here (although there are a few, including me)

Variety here is in abundance, from popular dishes like Pad Thai and Green Thai chicken Curry (Gaeng Keow Wan Kai) 

Along with Isaan (northeast region of Thailand) favourites like Som tum (Spicy green Papaya Salad) to my favourites Spicy Mango Salad and Tom Yum Goong (Spciy Shrimp soup)

Although originally a Laos dish Som Tum is a staple dish in Thailand.

Depending on where you get it from can be spicy or very spicy.

It also has a smell which at first is quite strong and potent.

This comes from the sauce or juice used to cover the salad which after a while you become use to.

“I wanted to do the dishes service by showing you how good they really look.
Some of the images on this page are supplied courtesy of a friend I have met over here who is a much better photographer than me  

Taken after our visit to the Ancient City “

Katsarin, 2018