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December 2019

Christmas Shopping?

Not me… Well okay, I bought some goodies, chocolates, biscuits and some wine for the volunteers this year.

I have decided after a very long time to learn to play the guitar again and thus purchased a new one from the No Strings Attached shop that is here in Kampot.

Just have to remember how to play it now.🙄

Great volunteers early in December from Franc and Spain. Elisa who is so kind and organised, Elle who is quite the perfectionist ( don’t change too much ) and Maria, who was our first volunteer from Austria and definitely won’t be forgotten… ever.

Middle of the month allowed me to meet an amazing chef from Poland who has been working hard in Norway for over 10 years and after some fun experimenting in the kitchen he gave me the urge to open a restaurant in Asia. So Adrian, enjoy your travels with Marika as I may be calling upon your services soon.

A great couple both were really enthusiastic about Pepper and help me a lot. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you guys.

I loved Marika for her sarcastic comments about how I am stubborn (yes I know I am ) and finally realising that my foot was not getting better went back to the pharmacy and after another dose of antibiotics found it healed very quickly.

So big apology to Jess from November who told me about it then🙄

What else?

Well the 8th annual sea festival arrived in Kampot just before Christmas which gave us a chance for the farm to meet the shop while all the volunteers, chefs and staff from the shop had a few hours together… maybe we could call it our Christmas party 🤣

Farm meets Town. For the first time, all the staff from bo Tree pepper shop and Kampot Pepper shop combined.

Finally the end of 2019

So foot healed, Guitar in hand and back to my fitness regime I am in the zone for the new year. Much to look back on, mostly firsts in many ways, but for once it has all been about me. I have been selfish this year, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.