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The Note Coffee

Find a pen and compose a note

Leave a message for someone you love, or something you want to put out there.
Save the planet, world peace

Whatever you feel the need to write down you can here.


Coffee and note time

Order a coffee from the friendly staff and compose a note. Then find somewhere to stick it on the wall in the many rooms or walls leading up to the 4 floors that have notes everywhere.

I spent hours here enjoying reading lots of messages that people have left. It gives you a nice feeling when you can read something someone else has left maybe a year ago or a few days earlier.

What a great idea to do this

It allows you to leave a part of yourself here.

Although very quickly it will disappear under the constant notes you can be sure it will be there forever.

Should you ever be in Hanoi, be sure to check it out and maybe you will find a few I left.😅