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Traditional served Cambodian food

Amok Fish or Beef Lok Lak?

Cambodia has food that is a blend of Chinese, Thai, French and Vietnamese giving it many connotations to sample.

Flavours all ready to make your mouth water and with the added ingredient of Kampot Pepper, you are in for a treat.

When I was told the food in Cambodia wouldn’t live up to my expectations I wasn’t sure.

But it is true the food is not as spicy as  ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Malaysia ( and it’s true) you can find a different kind of spicy.

If you reach out to areas like Kampot you are in for a surprise.

The pepper is the key and also King in these parts.

You can look to taste many dishes from local caught Crab with the fresh green pepper taken off the plant and used in your dish that day, to the Beef Lok Lak with the Black pepper & lime sauce.


With its origins in neighboring Vietnam, I am learning that much of the dishes around South East Asia have either been adopted or borrowed from other areas or countries.

That said, it is still a popular dish that Cambodian’s have made there own.

Served on a bed of green salad, or onion thin beef cuts has been marinated and sauteed and using the pepper & lime sauce as a dip gives you a great taste.


My Favourites

Amok Fish or Amok Trei is truly a national dish

Served in a Spicy Coconut sauce and presented in a banana leaf and accompanied by rice it is certainly a favourite. If used with the famous Kampot White pepper it has a taste as delicious as the deliverance to the table.


with black pepper in Siem Reap
With White Kampot Pepper











Banana Flower Salad

Ideal for Vegetarians as you take the flower of the banana plant and mixed with onions, vegetables. It makes a great accompaniment to a meal or as a main itself.