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Home to quaint French-style colonial buildings, beautiful views of mountains, parks and waterfalls.

The best Pepper in the world?

Well like your Champagne, Darjeeling Tea, Cornish Pastry and many more which have a regional award to specify that it is the genuine article so does Kampot Pepper.

Governed by strict guidelines and constant checking of the process from Farm growth to harvest and packaging and selling this is a region that has been growing pepper for over 1000s of years

I have had the pleasure of working on a pepper farm that allowed me to see the whole process and learn about the production of pepper in this region- see my work away post and Kampot pepper one

However, there is still a beautiful town at the heart of this amazing farming province and it is really worth spending more than a few days here if you are able.

They also have some lovely restaurants that provide the chance to try the Kampot pepper in local dishes or try western food you simply cannot do without whilst travelling.

  • For a Taste of India try Simon’s where you will get a spicy madras or Rogan Josh
  • For light food and drinks try the Tapas Bar Baraca who make small dishes with local and imported ingredients
  • If you fancy entertaining try either Twenty Three or Seafood & Kampot Pepper restaurant





They have a Rabbit Island, as well as a Snake Island not to mention a hugely contested Vietnamese/Cambodian island. Although around here, many countries lay claim to Islands that are maybe not theirs? or could be disputed. At least that’s what the locals say anyway.