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Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines

So I landed here just after the Philippine army had just recaptured Marawi city. Which had been under the control of ISIS for many months.

I was told not to go, even though I was over 128km from there.

Natural scenery and beautiful food

I have to say it was probably the safest place I have been to in the whole of the Philippines. The people are lovely and really are friendly and welcoming.

I met a local girl there who guided me around the city, showing me so much of what I would have missed had I been alone.

She helped me understand the culture and explained so much about the history of the island.

I went to a nature reserve and visited a local church where she goes with her family. Along with the local museum, which is situated in a remarkable building.

I hope to go back this year and uncover more about a lovely peaceful island in the Philippines, which is far removed from Manila.