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My Asian Travel:20 items on my bucket list

During Covid and my time spent stranded from traveling, I watched the news like most people. In fact, the news became a constant reminder of what we had lost and the strength and depth of people.

The world got closer

There was a caring side that we suddenly found and the need to make sure everyone was ok.

I found it refreshing in the UK and I hope it will continue.

However, as always there was the other side to the coin.

In order for this to happen, we had to lose people. In fact many millions.

Lots of genuinely nice people who although may have been ill would still be here, if not for Covid-19

I guess this makes us think! How long do we have left?

I lost two people I cared about and although old enough to have lived a longish life, both, had so much more to give and live for.

Bucket Lists

So, the subject of bucket lists came up.

Now, this is something I have always determinedly veered away from.

People that know me, understand I don’t follow trends or popular things. ( I still haven’t seen Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad yet!)

But, as I like to travel a Bucket list seemed more relevant now. Especially when I knew some of the things one of my friends wanted to do and now sadly will no longer get the chance.

So below are the 20 things I have in mind to do whilst in Asia. Some are continuous and will apply to all countries I visit (therefore cannot be crossed off until all are accomplished and some are dedicated to certain places.

Hope you like and comment with your own lists.

  1. Attend or be invited to a wedding in each country I travel to. ( not mine:))
  2. Sail a boat in and around Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.
  3. Stay in a monastery in Tibet or Myanmar
  4. Get a traditional tattoo from a Borneo tribe and a Thai Monk
  5. Climb a mountain in each country I visit
  6. Ride a horse in Mongolia
  7. Ride a scooter in Asia
  8. Motorbike down the whole of Vietnam
  9. Fish with fishermen in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan.
  10. Learn and cook at least one traditional dish from each country
  11. Live like a local
  12. Hot air balloon over Bagan, Myanmar
  13. Read the history of each country whilst you live there.
  14. Experience and learn a skill or traditional craft in each place.
  15. Learn a Martial Art
  16. Re-learn the guitar
  17. Sing a song live for prosperity with?
  18. Play one song on the guitar live
  19. Watch a movie from the country you are in.
  20. Master Yoga


Whilst currently I can only attest to accomplishing one. The scooter in Asia, I now own my own little Honda Air Blade.

So far I have had Invites to weddings in both Thailand (1) and Cambodia (4 ).

I have climbed the highest mountain in Vietnam and soon the one in the Philippines

At a cinema in Bangkok, I watched a Thai movie with no subtitles, and where the whole audience rose for the king before the start of the movie.

I know how to cook a dish from Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

I guess the rest will follow.