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Marina Bay Sands

Ok, I am on a budget which unfortunately doesn’t extend to stopping here, as the rooms can start from around S$500 per night, but for around S$23 (about £13, book your tickets from the lower level of reception) you can experience the view and at least dream for a while of having the wealth to experience the atmosphere of staying at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

It does get busy so pick the right time to go, although they are in no rush to get you to leave, so enjoy the surroundings and you can get a drink for the little counter on the viewing area as well as access to toilets, and if you are lucky (although they say you cannot) you may be asked if you want to get a drink at the bar.

This is apparently only for people who pay to sit there ( book from the main reception) which you pay to redeem against the bar drinks, however when we went my cousin was asked if we wanted to sit in the bar, I assume it will depend on space, so if you really want to experience the seated bar area, you will have to pay the extra to guarantee a place.

coke float available from the viewing 


“If you are like me and just want to see the view, then go for the cheaper option and stand around the viewing area. still worth it for the view, which is better if you are not afraid of heights and can get close to the edge to get a good photo :)”

September, 2018