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Traditional served Singapore food

Singapore Chilli Crab?

Today, much like most big Cities here in South East Asia, there is a fine mix of east meets west in terms of culinary delights but unlike any other is Singapore.

At the heart of this city-state lies food that is so unique and varied and yet so Singapore. From traditional recipes handed down from the first generation settlers to modern-day twists on exotic Asian food, Singapore has it all.

Visit some fine restaurants that may empty your wallet but will leave you feeling satisfied on another level. Michelin star chefs are found in the most unusual places. Hawker Chan is a great story of the first Hawker chef to achieve this anywhere check out his story here

But Singapore doesn’t have to be costly!

Hawker centres and the local food courts around apartment blocks where Singaporeans live will give you  a taste of Traditional Singapore through the ages

For the price of a meal deal in the UK about 3.50 you can eat a delicious fresh meal cooked in front of you and with so many choices to choose from you will be in awe of the smells and tastes

My Favourites


Yue Tow Mai Fun (fish head beehoon soup) visit Chinatown and sample some wonders of Singapore,  some of the first people to arrive in Singapore between the 19th and mid 20th century were Chinese immigrants looking for a better life, coming from many parts of China they bought with them their cooking and traditional foods that are still served today.

Little India

See my post dedicated just to Little India as I think the Indian food there is second to none, but the choice is yours

Salted Egg Crab

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